Monday, April 21, 2014


This is The Marlow (no relation to Philip)

a cluster of 98 one-to-three-bedroom townhouses just opened at the corner of Clay and Van Ness.

Prices of these townhouses start at $1,000,000 and go up from there (I’m basing this statement on the price list given to me by one of the nice salespeople when I stopped by The Marlow’s sales office at 1649 Polk).

They also gave me a copy of the floor plan for Residence 404.

The website of The Marlow ( has a musical virtual-reality video tour of what living at The Marlow will be like, showing what you're getting for your million dollars.

The video also pans about the neighborhood – which, for The Marlow, starts at Sacramento & Polk and then turns straight north into Russian Hill. The video recommends a number of neighborhood businesses, most of which are high-end restaurants and watering holes. The only business The Marlow recognizes south of Sacramento Street is a high-end bar, Bitters Bock and Rye at Post and Polk (apparently, The Marlow doesn't think places like Sliders, et al., are good enough for its residents).

Sliders, Polk and Sutter Streets

All of the 98 townhouses at this The Marlow have been sold. I passed by the now-closed sales office recently 

and saw this sign in the window:

letting all those who just missed out know that they still have an opportunity to live the The Marlow life in The City.

As for what the new townhouse residents of this particular The Marlow will be like, time will tell (hopefully, they won't be as snooty as The Marlow). I also hope they tip well – at least 15% or more. There’s nothing worse than cheapskate millionaires.

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