Monday, May 19, 2014


Marine Layer, a clothing company out of Portland, OR, has opened up a store and workshop in the old Lumiere Theater complex at 1572 California Street between Polk and Larkin. 

This marks their 3rd store opening in San Francisco (the other two being in the Marina and Hayes Valley) and 6th overall. More about Marine Layer can be found on their website by clicking here:

Marine Layer store greeting in chiclet tile

What was once the lobby has been converted into a small store

with the ticket booth serving as a display window.

The space where the three movie theaters used to be has been transformed into a workshop

where they design their clothing, all of which is made here at their factory located at Mission and South Van Ness.

This is the second store selling new clothing to open up in the neighborhood this year (the other being Smith at the northwest corner of Clay and Polk).

Welcome to the neighborhood!

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