Monday, July 14, 2014


This is a typical weekend brunch crowd at some of the restaurants in my neighborhood.

My-My Coffee Shop,  1500 California at Larkin
This is the new generation of young tech workers that have come to live in the city on the waves of tech-wealth that are so much resented and disliked by many San Franciscans. (I don't, but I’m fortunate in that regard – rarely am I envious of what other people have or their success.)

Toast Eatery,  1601 Polk at Sacramento
A lot of the new generation have children, so presumably their children’s welfare will be their main concern for the next 15-20 years.

Dunya, 1609  Polk
A friend of mine thinks that many of them are put-off by the numerous languages and cultures of this polyglot city. Coming from mono-lingual/racial environment myself, I know San Francisco can take some getting used to.

Olea, 1494 California at Larkin
These people have also been labelled the most self-absorbed, navel-gazing generation in history of mankind. That rings a bell…I've heard that I remember! That was how my generation, the 60s’, was described – the most self-absorbed generation in the history of mankind! Where will this country be 50 years from now? Hell-in-a-handbasket, that’s where! Just you wait! ...

And here we are.

May this label be as pointless to your generation as it was to mine.

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