Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Walking along Polk Street outside Donuts and Things recently I saw something I had never seen before: a smiling cement face looking up at me.

Donuts and Things, 1549 Polk Street

Then I saw another one on Polk,  this time outside The Pour House.

1327 Polk Street, The Pour House

Then two more at the streetcar stop at Market and 8th across from The Heart of SF 1190 Mission Trinity Place construction.

And finally, one next to Cheuk Cleaners at 1205 Pine Street.

What were they? A quick google check revealed this:

“Roza Yquema directed me to Mission Local, which reports that the cast cement faces found all around town are the work of artist Bruce Hallman, whose aim was "to create an object of focus for peaceful thoughts and spirituality." He is happy with people picking them up ("liberating" them) and taking them home.” (from Leah Garchik’s 6/24/14 sfgate column. Click here  for link:

Picking them up? I don’t know about that; the ones around here seem pretty much cemented in place. (I do find myself wanting to paint one, though.)

Copyright © by Chris Enquist 8/6/14

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