Thursday, May 21, 2015


Yet another blog about the nouveau riche oligeeks* of Pacific Heights (*from a recent Leah Garchik column in the SF Chronicle) pouring into the City. This time the focus is on the Rockwell (where do they get these names?)
Rockwell Sales Office, Polk Street
another $600K plus condo/townhouse development now undergoing construction at the corner of Pine and Franklin.

A woman I know recently called San Francisco ‘Monaco-by-the-Bay’. I could see her point. At the present level of rents ($3,000+), the only current and future residents of the city will be people with incomes of $100,000 a year or more. It’s a place I could never afford to live in if I didn’t already.
The closing poem is by David Nelson Fox and is taken from his blog (click here for the link to which appears after the poem:)

 Settling for things is OK by me.
I don't need to eat out
As often as I used to

Don't need a blow-out night
Of state-of-the-art sushi
Or French, or artful presentation.

It would be nice to afford
A day at the museum
A night of inventive dance

Or mid-run theater by a friend
A film or band, something odd
With a chance of spectacular,

Something I used to do
On a bookstore salary
On a whim. Well, a whim with a budget.

Visiting the city that inspired me,
Where I live, is out of reach.
I rush through the halls

Of the museum of what I used to do,
As the speakers announce it will close soon.

David Nelson Fox
5/6/2015: 8:35 PM, 9:20 PM

Copyright © by Chris Enquist 5/21/15

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