Thursday, August 20, 2015


Riding the 19 Polk bus late yesterday morning, a man wheeling a cat in a baby carriage boarded. This is the kind of thing people complain about and take pictures of on their cellphones. And had it been a crowded bus, I would wholeheartedly agree.

But it was late, almost noon. The bus wasn't full, and the other passengers didn't seem to mind; in fact, many were interested in the cat, and the man was only too happy to answer our questions.

Her name was Sweet Pea. She was a diluted calico. Her breed was somewhat rare, and she was three years old.

“She's big” another passenger remarked. "How much does she weigh?"

11 pounds!” the man proudly replied.

Sweet Pea

The bus pulled into the stop at 8th and Market. The man and Sweet Pea, as well as myself and several other passengers, disembarked the bus to go our separate ways.

As I walked away, I couldn't help but think to myself: this is one of the things I love about living in san francisco.

Copyright © by Chris Enquist 8/20/15

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