Monday, September 28, 2015


This mural is painted on the side of 222 Hyde Street. I see it whenever I ride the 19 Polk outbound. It's also visible from the 31 Balboa and anyone driving out Turk Street toward Van Ness and the ocean.

It's one of my favorites in the city because it's so raw and expressive.

Painted in February 2013 by New York artists How and Nosm,

...Self Destruction is a three-story narrative of lives like that of Calvin Gary, a longtime street-seller at Hyde and Turk streets who, breaking from his salesmanship, looked at Self Destruction and told me he thought How and Nosm were "damn good artists." Gary's glowing critique is a tribute to the way that How and Nosm portray tumult....”

(from SFWeekly 'Know Your Street Art 9/2/14'. For more information about this mural, click here:

Copyright © by Chris Enquist 9/28/15

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