Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Earlier this June my roommate brought home an orchid plant someone had tossed out after it had stopped blooming. It had two wilted but still green leaves. I cut the leaves back and downloaded some information about orchids, began watering it, and set it with my other plants in northern light.

orchid plant, 7-11-15

On July 11, one of the leaves was almost 3 inches long, while the other was just beginning.

Last Friday I transplanted it to a slightly larger container when moon was in aquarius, an air sign. It's supposedly better to do this when the moon is in an earth or water sign, but since orchids are air plants, I figured an air sign was a better choice.

Since then

both leaves have now grown to about 4 inches in length.

orchid leaves, 8-28-15

I've been so pleased with the progress of the one orchid that I bought another last Wednesday at the Civic Center farmer's market.

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