Monday, December 14, 2015


Saturday, December 12 was the now-annual Santa Con.

Crowds along Polk Street

All the bars and restaurants along Polk Street from Post to California and beyond were busy with happy customers.

Everyone looked like they were having a good time, although

Larkin Street traffic

I doubt the same can be said for the people sitting in the surrounding traffic jams.

Not all the revelers were rich young techies. 

While waiting on a corner for a light to change, I overheard one santa-woman ask a santa-man what he did for a living. “I install custom glass," he said, "for all the places I can't afford to live in,” which brought nods and sounds agreement from many others.

Pop-up outdoor santa seating, Bush Street

Pop-up outdoor santa seating the following day

Copyright © by Chris Enquist 12/14/15

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