Saturday, February 27, 2016


My neighborhood, mid-Polk or the TenderNob (roughly Polk Street from Geary to Jackson) is currently undergoing a building boom.

There's the new 300+ bed California Pacific Medical Center hospital going up at Geary and Van Ness,

along with its adjacent medical services building going up across the street.

Then there's the new 5-6 story apartment building just starting in the 1500 block of Pine between Polk and Van Ness,

the ongoing construction of the $750K+ condominiums of the Rockwell SF at Pine and Van Ness,

the new apartment building at the corner of Larkin and Clay,

and finally, this brand-new, 8-story building at Washington and Van Ness.

That's not including plans to construct a 7-story apartment at 1567 California Street

and a 5-story addition to Great Useful Stuff on Larkin between Pine and California.

But of all the new buildings going up, the change planned for the Big Apple Discount Center at the corner of Polk and Clay is the one that promises to bring the most change to the neighborhood. 

It's going to be replaced by The Market on Polk

a smaller version of The Market on Market in the Twitter building.

Copyright © by Chris Enquist 2/27/16

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  1. Talk about a building boom! This neighborhood is being constructed on just about every corner, and probably more if you take a look a little further. The building construction never seems to end in most cities. Architects and construction companies must be riding the waves of success at this time in large cities worldwide. Anyone with building experience should be able to locate employment when relocating to a city.

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