Tuesday, September 13, 2016


One aspect of the tech makeover/takeover of San Francisco has been the growth of unusual business names.

This one, for example, is too

1263 Mission

by half, while this one 

707 Sutter

is clever and eye-catching.

The name on this building makes me wanna 

180 Townsend


while this one states the obvious:

So do most people, especially the poor and homeless.

Often, they're some weird combination of nouns, like this:

1735 Polk Street

or this

1019 Market
(The above photograph is from ceylon-amanda.com.)

or this

144 Taylor
(photo from Piano Fight Facebook page, photographer unknown)

This one I like:

1465 Bush

Now that's a cool name.

Copyright © by Chris Enquist 9/13/16

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