Sunday, August 24, 2014


There are a number of reconstruction/remodeling projects going on in my neighborhood at the moment.

The first one, at 1401 Polk, has been going on since February, when the above photograph was taken.

The following information about Bryson's Candy is from SFCurbed:

The building was constructed back in 1921, originally serving as fruit market. By 1938, Guy Bryson had moved his candy factory into the building after making candy at various candy stores throughout the city since .. 1910. Throughout the Twenties he had a candy factory on the 700 block of Larkin, but moved into 1401 Polk in 1938.”

For more information and a photograph of Pine and Polk in 1944, click here:

It’s next incarnation is supposed to be an eating establishment called Lefty’s Fresh Spin, an offshoot of Lefty O’Doul’s restaurant on Geary off of Union Square. This information, however, is from blogs dated June 2012.

Photograph taken this August 11, 2014

At the rate the work has currently been going, Lefty's Fresh Spin will probably make Neighborhood Openings, 2015.

Also getting a makeover just up the street is the former sports bar/restaurant at the stodgy old Holiday Inn at Pine and Van Ness.

The Encore Express hotel/hostel/Music City's Plug N Play Studio on Bush between Polk and Larkin is also undergoing a face-lift.

I plan to show the results when these projects are completed.

Meanwhile, the remodeling of the stores occupying the corner of the Saratoga (est. 1902) at Larkin and Post 

have been completed, replacing a worn-out drugstore and a psychic fortune-teller.

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Thursday, August 21, 2014


One of the things that’s always delighted me about living in san Francisco is the graffiti, the chalk drawings, artwork, etc., that are always popping up for awhile before disappearing. This is currently one of them.


The above photograph was taken yesterday.  I don’t know if the design survived the night. If it did, it’s on the north side of Market Street between Van Ness and Gough, a sketchy and gritty area – i.e., lots of poor, destitute and desperate people, mainly not white.

Copyright © by Chris Enquist 8/21/14

Monday, August 18, 2014

Friday, August 15, 2014


I don’t know who was responsible for this drawing on the south side of the bus stop at Polk and Sutter earlier this week.

I doubt it was Clear Channel. Whoever it was went to a lot of trouble, as the drawing is clearly placed inside the display, not on it.

Unfortunately, like a mayfly, it’s time was brief. As of yesterday, it’s gone

replaced by one of those ubiquitous Fernet-Branca ads.

Copyright © by Chris Enquist 8/15/14

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


The next meeting of the Lower Polk Neighbors will happen tonight 

at 7:00 p.m. at the 1st Congregational Church at the corner of Bush and Polk (1300 Bush).

The second event is more long-term. Fern Alley between Larkin and Polk

s undergoing sewer replacement for the next several weeks. Since Fern Alley is where many homeless people encamp during the day, they will most likely move into the surrounding streets during the day until construction is over.

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Friday, August 8, 2014


Tree on east side of Franklin Street between Pine and California 

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Walking along Polk Street outside Donuts and Things recently I saw something I had never seen before: a smiling cement face looking up at me.

Donuts and Things, 1549 Polk Street

Then I saw another one on Polk,  this time outside The Pour House.

1327 Polk Street, The Pour House

Then two more at the streetcar stop at Market and 8th across from The Heart of SF 1190 Mission Trinity Place construction.

And finally, one next to Cheuk Cleaners at 1205 Pine Street.

What were they? A quick google check revealed this:

“Roza Yquema directed me to Mission Local, which reports that the cast cement faces found all around town are the work of artist Bruce Hallman, whose aim was "to create an object of focus for peaceful thoughts and spirituality." He is happy with people picking them up ("liberating" them) and taking them home.” (from Leah Garchik’s 6/24/14 sfgate column. Click here  for link:

Picking them up? I don’t know about that; the ones around here seem pretty much cemented in place. (I do find myself wanting to paint one, though.)

Copyright © by Chris Enquist 8/6/14

Friday, August 1, 2014


An online store, Great Useful Stuff, has opened up a warehouse in the former location of Ideal Auto Rebuilders. (click here for link:

Great Useful Stuff, 1355 Larkin Street

Walking past the building on a Wednesday morning, a closeout blowout sale!!! was going on outside.

Inspecting the wares.

Anything On This Table! - $2.00

As far as I know, the warehouse is open daily. I don't know the hours.

Welcome to the neighborhood!

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