Friday, September 12, 2014

NEIGHBORHOOD MURALS (#5 in a series)

This mural, called ‘The Carnaval’, 

has been gracing the wall on Frank Norris Alley between Bush and Pine since January 2013. Painted by Bolinas artist Mike Shine, this mural

   “…explore[s] the metaphor of a childhood deal with the devil, recalled only through driftwood artifacts that he collects on the beach… Mike gathers this driftwood and slowly pieces together a dark memory….[and] suspects that the clown-devil of his childhood might be waiting to collect on an ancient pact….Mike unfolds the memory of an event that may have foretold his adult life.

That might explain this message:

and the one above:

It's an arresting work that I always enjoy seeing.

Mike Shine also painted the south wall of the O’Farrell Street Theater as well:

For more information about that particular project, click here:

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