Wednesday, October 21, 2015


In yesterday's, there was an article about apartments at 1008 Larkin Street for less than $1,600 a month. Click here for the article:

Before it was re-branded as 1008 Larkin, it was the Saratoga Hotel, established in 1908.

Many years ago, I visited someone living there when it was still the Saratoga, and I remember the rooms were quite small – perhaps 10 X 12 at best.
These remodeled SRO hotel rooms are now called “efficiency apartments” and “feature a combined living and sleeping space” (just like a hotel room). They also feature no bathroom. That's down the hall (just like a real SRO).

According to, 1008 Larkin is a "multifamily property" with 53 "residential units" spread over 5 floors. That comes to at least 10 "units" per floor. That means ten people wanting to use one bathroom every morning, every evening, every day of the year.

And all this can be yours for only $1,595 a month!

Such a deal.

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