Saturday, April 29, 2017


Awhile back someone asked me where I lived. I told him mid-Polk. 'Huh,' he replied. 'Where the millionaires live.'

I knew instantly what he meant.

While most of Polk Street looks like it did ten years ago

now half-million dollars-and-up condominiums are scattered throughout the are, like the Marlow

or the just-finished 1601 Larkin

the soon-to-be completed Austin 

and many others.

Another sign this is now a higher-income neighborhood are the ever-present police cars

patrolling up and down Polk and the surrounding neighborhood streets in greater numbers and frequency than five years ago.

Still, there aren't that many pricey bars, restaurants and clothing stores along Polk Street – at least not yet.

Copyright © by Chris Enquist 4/29/17

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