Wednesday, July 2, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO OLD AND NEW (#2 in a series)

925 Larkin Street
Zubelda Cigarettes – the Double Package and Jane on Larkin (and a black-painted building, too).

The following information about Zubelda Cigarettes comes from Kasey Smith and this link:

" 'You can't describe her, sighs the Khedive, because there was never anything like her. She's a poem, a little mountain brook, a rose garden, a ---

from a 1912 print ad

The P. Lorillard Company named their new Turkish blend cigarette Zubelda, in honor of the Khedive of Egypt's wife. Lorillard felt that their Zubelda was just like the lady, and claimed 'They taste like shooting stars. And their fragrance is like the Garden of Eden. They're as gracious and welcome as a long-absent sweetheart.' "

Zubelda cigarettes debuted in October 1912 which would place this sign from around that period.”

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